Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Generation Three - Chapter Twenty-Five: Marching On

Poor Carter, just can't catch a break. I'm beginning to think that he should have chosen a job with less opportunity for lighting himself on fire.

There was no time to feel sorry for himself though, it was the triplets birthday and Cherry was beyond excited for the party to get under way.

One by one each triplet had their very own cake with their very own candles to blow out. First up was Addison.

Followed by Blair. (Great-Uncle Blake was just one of the many family guests at this shindig)

Last, but not least, was London. I think she must have inherited Beatrice's evil genes, just look at that expression. And those eyebrows.

I don't think Addison and Blair were thrilled that London got the only seat left in the house. With so many people it might be time to invest in a real dining table at some point.

Cherry continued on being ecstatic long after the last guest had left. Guess she really likes birthdays.

Beatrice had to miss most of the festivities due to work, but when she found three cakes worth of leftovers she knew she had made the right choice letting Carter have the house.

Meanwhile, Cherry worked on leveling up her creepiness by sleeping with her eyes open.

Cherry: I'm always watching...

Carter and Cherry installed a little playground in the backyard for the girls as a birthday present.

It was a huge hit.

Cherry would have liked to spend some time out on the playground with her girls, but she was busy attending to Parker. And trying to protect herself from... herself.

Maybe Carter should have spent more time protecting himself from himself as well. At this point I'm not sure if Carter spends more time inventing or lighting himself on fire.

Lighting his entire work bench on fire however was a new one.

London was thoroughly unimpressed with her father's fire fighting skills. At least he got everything put out before the house could catch.

Oblivious to the dangerous flames outside Cherry was casually flipping some flapjacks.

Until she felt a familiar pain. It was definitely baby time.

After two births, including a set of triplets, Cherry was practically a pro and kept her cool. Jackson however was not sure the living room was the best place for her to be giving birth. London and Parker decided this was a good time to peace out.

Carter had to agree with Jackson that the living room might not be ideal, but by the time he got there it was much too late.

Quinn Winters was born right there.

And was of course a welcome addition to the family.

Across the house Beatrice was awakened by the cries of the newborn.

But she wouldn't get the chance to meet her.

They all knew that Beatrice was getting on in years, but no one expected her to join the family graveyard quite so soon.

The household was crushed. Or more likely, Cherry was over emotional from just giving birth and Carter never missed a chance for some melodrama.

Grim did seem to drum up some genuine grief over Beatrice's death. The reaper must have a soft spot for the evil ones.

Cherry wasn't sure about their new guest, but I'm not sure getting in to a fist fight with death is a good choice.

But it wasn't a threat to the grim reaper at all, just that pesky hand acting up again. Even Grim found her repeated attempts to strangle herself a bit odd.

He knew just the way to snap her out of it though.

Yup nothing out of the ordinary here, just a pillow fight with the grim reaper. What, you guys don't do that? I guess Cherry really can bring out the kid in anyone.

With the reaper being just a little too lighthearted someone had to makeup for the void of evil Beatrice left. Looks like London was up to the task, or maybe she was just fed up with every appliance in their home constantly breaking and leaving puddles all over. Either way, she had the demonic look down pat.

Despite the tragedy that marked her birthday Quinn grew in to a happy toddler.

She loved playing blocks with her big brother.

Jackson was growing up too. He graduated high school, and was pretty excited to get away from the plethora of screaming toddlers. He did have a soft spot for the little terrors though, and painted a lovely picture for their nursery as a memento.

With one last hug for his big brother Jackson departed the Winters house to make a name for himself as an artist.

Author's Notes

Sorry about the little unannounced break there, but to make it up to you all I finally have the downloads page up! I look forward to seeing what shenanigans the Winters get up to in everyone's games :]



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