Friday, June 10, 2011

Generation One - Chapter Four: Expanding

First off let me formally introduce Adam Winters! A natural cook and neat? Nice catch Aria!

For once all was well in Aria's life. She had a house, a husband, and was steadily progressing in her job.

She could still hardly believe she was married! There hadn't been any time for it to sink in yet.

Which might be why she was so surprised when she rushed to work...

...and ended up leaving quite early. It wasn't the result of another promotion, but because she was pregnant! She hurried home to discuss the news with Adam.

She was certainly excited, but at the same time couldn't hide how nervous she felt. It seemed like they had just had their wedding yesterday. There was no money or room for a nursery, and Aria would have to take time off work. The timing was all wrong.

But Adam was thrilled at the news. He assured Aria that while she was pregnant he would find work to support their growing family.

The next day Aria tries out the lounging lifestyle and shows off her questionable maternity wardrobe choices. I'm not sure if that face is because she doesn't enjoy staying home, or if she's regretting the purple pawprint sweater and sweat-shorts.

Adam meanwhile is true to his word and changes in to his best suit to go out and find a job. But Adam, don't you think that might be a little too formal?

Much better.

A growing family needs a growing wallet to support it. So Adam tries for the highest paying job he can think of, a doctor! Unfortunately Adam is horribly unqualified for such a position. As in, has never attended a day of medical school. How could he of thought that would work out? Even so, he doesn't take the news well.

But as he's leaving Adam runs in to an unfamiliar man in the hospital parking lot, who says he knows of a job opening that pays decently and hardly requires any work at all! Of course, there are certain risks involved.

Adam eagerly accepts and heads off to the job location.

But once he gets there even Adam thinks this might be a little sketch.

However, he pushes his concerns aside and heads in for his interview.

And lands the job! As a test subject... sounds safe...

He hurries home to see what his beautiful wife is up to. Of course she's glaring at chairs in completely mismatched underwear, just another normal day.

He tells her the good news about his new job. And Aria's response?

Aria: Om nom nom...

Yeah that's about what I expected.

With their financial concerns eased for the moment Adam takes some time to bond with his unborn child.

Aw so cute!

Aria uses her down time to practice the guitar.

And prepare for the baby's arrival.

Until one afternoon when Adam is pondering the intricacies of bottles, and suddenly...

It's time!

Aria tries to remember her breathing and stay calm.

While Adam completely freaks out.

He gets over it pretty darn quick though, and decides that this is a great time for dinner. Yeah, that's a much better choice than say, taking your wife who is in labor to the hospital. Maybe he's still angry they wouldn't hire him.

And once dinner is done Adam decides it is time to catch up on his favorite book. Aria meanwhile gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Say hello to Beatrice Winters. The new addition rolls the traits evil and genius. Looks like things are going to get interesting in the Winters household.


  1. That was such a good chapter! :) I love that she is an evil genius. I always get a good giggle out of your chapters!

  2. I love your legacy, and this was just another awesome update!

  3. Om nom nom nom XD
    OMG, I get a kick out of reading this.