Thursday, June 16, 2011

Generation One - Chapter Six: Changes

With times being tough Aria knew that something had to change. So with a heavy heart she called in to work and quit her job as a stagehand.

Quitting was difficult, but Aria had a plan. She'd start a daycare so that she could be with her kids during the day, and if it was successful Adam would be able to quit the job he hated so much. She put an ad in the paper and hoped for quick responses.

Aria decided that with a new career comes a new wardrobe. I'm not sure Beatrice approves, of course she might just be practicing her starvation face. Or, you know, actually starving.

Um super nanny Aria, I see a toddler crying on the floor and a baby in the crib...where's your other newborn?

He was alone, on the hard floor. Of course.

Across town Adam left another day of work feeling as miserable as ever.

He was more than ready to get home and rest, but was stopped in his tracks by a strange feeling bubbling up in his chest.

In a flash Adam sensed something was dramatically different. The nausea and pain he'd been experiencing were completely gone, but he seemed to have aged at least 15 years in a matter of seconds!

The lab had already closed down for the evening, so there was nothing Adam could do except return home. Aria was understandably shocked when Adam walked through the door.

Aria: What happened!?

Adam explained the best he could. As far as he could figure this had to be some sort of side effect from whatever it was he was testing in the lab. Which is exactly why you don't take random jobs offered to you in parking lots by shady characters.

Aria tried to comfort Adam, though a "cheer up things couldn't get any worse!" didn't seem to do the trick.

Aria: I don't think you should go back to work there.

Aria went on to explain her daycare plan. It would tough to make ends meet at first, but surely the community would see what a great caretaker Aria was and soon the whole town would be clamoring to have her watch their kids! As long as they didn't find out that Aria let her newborns sleep on the hardwood floor it would definitely work.

Adam wasn't exactly sure that things would go quite that well, but he was willing to support any plan that meant he didn't have to worry about his personal safety day in and day out.

With his worries and aches from work assuaged Adam went right back to being a doting father.

Aria on the other hand was quite possibly possessed. Or maybe she was just hungrier than she had ever been before. Might need to get that checked out at some point.

Beatrice was ecstatic at the renewed attention from her father.

There was one last bit of unfinished business though. Adam called up the science lab to give them a piece of his mind, and quit for good.

Due to the circumstances of Adam's departure, as the lawyers had so carefully put it, he was awarded a small severance sum in return for agreeing not to sue. The money was enough to put on a small addition for the daycare.

Unfortunately, one wall was still the old house's siding, and the only furniture they had was the crib from the living room. Better not give the prospective parents a tour, at least not during daytime...or with any lights on.

Ready or not though Aria somehow found clients, so it was time for the daycare to open. Aria was not prepared for all the noise that two extra toddlers seemed to produce. How much worse would it be when her own twins hit the terrible twos?

Despite Aria's initial annoyance the first day was an overall success. She couldn't deny that the Ponce kids were adorable.

And there was one part of the day that was pure bliss, snack time!

Even more so because while Aria chowed down she left all the children in Adam's care.

With all the excitement about the new daycare Aria had almost forgotten it was the children's birthdays soon! Since they were all born so close together the family had one small party for all of them.

So one by one they all grew up.

First was Blake.

Then Bryce.

And finally Beatrice, who was now an inappropriate evil genius. Well, with that set of traits they should just be happy she was growing up cute.

And of course they snapped a cute group shot to remember the day. Well cute aside from the probable farting by Blake, and Beatrice's death glare that she must have learned from her mom. Well, Bryce looked pretty cute anyways.

Although the Winters were practically bankrupt at this point Beatrice got a new bed as her birthday present. Say goodnight to the readers Beatrice.

Beatrice: Night Night!


  1. I love love love this story!! (:

  2. Ah this is very funny and i love that you have an innapropriate evil genius named Beatrice - awesome!

    Can't wait for more!

  3. HAHAHA! I LUV IT :) This is really good.

  4. Snack time, om nom nom nom.
    I got suspended from my daycare job :(