Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Generation Two - Chapter Eighteen: A Cake for Every Occasion

With all Beatrice and Bray's success at being evil they finally earned enough money to purchase a real stove. This doesn't seem like a good idea.

Even Beatrice braced for disaster while she waited for her meal to cook.

I know the waffles were burnt to a crisp, but the house was still standing, so I think this was the best possible result one could hope for.

But apparently the hazards don't end when the food comes out of the oven. This is what happens when you eat at a table possessed by your dead fiancé, the table eats you.

Randy was a little miffed that Beatrice seemed to care too much about eating her burnt waffles to even be remotely scared. I'm pretty sure if this family had a crest their motto would be "Food First".

Although the other family members didn't exactly look thrilled at their breakfast choices. Also, nice flies in the kitchen, very sanitary.

Since this family was clearly lacking in neatness they had resorted to occasionally hiring a maid. Unfortunately, one day when they were low on funds they forgot to cancel her services.

So she stole the couch. I understand that she wanted something as payment, but shouldn't she take something a little more mobile than the couch? Beatrice wasn't going to argue though. If that maid can casually lug a couch home with her, she probably isn't someone you want to fight.

Besides Beatrice probably had more important things on her mind, it was after all her wedding day. And by more important things I mean wedding cake of course.

After everything was set up and the guests arrived it was time for the lovely couple to head to the alter. Can't you just feel the magic of their special day.

Even once she made it down the aisle Beatrice wasn't happy.

Probably because of the complete disarray of the guests.

Once every one was finally in their seats, Beatrice was ready to get down to business.

I have to say, it was a bit odd that everyone decided to sit on one side, except for Randy. Actually more odd than that was Randy even being there. I would think attending the marriage of your ex-fiancee and the guy who killed you might be a little awkward.

Apparently some guests would rather lurk creepily behind the house rather than take a seat on the other side.

Heck even the bride's brother and son were shoved off to the side. That renaissance women is the maid who stole the couch, nice of her to stick around for the wedding I suppose.

Despite all the fuss in the crowd the couple exchanged their vows and shared their first kiss as man and wife.

Bray had been waiting a long time for this day, and couldn't have been happier.

Bray: I'm so happy!

Beatrice: Yuuuuum... Cake...

Beatrice & Bray: mmmmmmm....Cake...

Now this is when you would expect the newlyweds to cut the cake, maybe feed each other some, you know, something cute like that.

Nope, not so much. Beatrice cut herself a large piece of cake and then promptly went off to enjoy it.

Beatrice: This is my cake, step off.

I'm not exactly sure why Beatrice was so insistent on hiding away with her cake, but she was clearly a woman on a mission. I'm also a little confused why that guy is passed out in the aisle, and Randy is still clapping. Confused, but not surprised.

Bray and Monroe were bonding well. Even if their method of glaring at Carter was questionable.

Meanwhile, Randy was still standing outside clapping. I'm not sure if he was that happy for their marriage, or if he finally snapped.

I'm not sure why Bray was so sad, look at all that extra cake! I have a feeling they'll be eating leftovers for a while. Maybe he's worried for his teeth, I can't say a lot of teeth brushing happens in this family.

Bray spent the rest of the evening working on his painting skill, but there was just something wrong abut drawing a picture like that wearing a tuxedo.

Eventually, the kids calmed down from all the excitement and were put to bed, leaving Beatrice and Bray to celebrate their wedding night.

Before long Beatrice was feeling a familiar sickness. Looks like baby number 3 was on the way.

It was almost time for Monroe to grow up, so Beatrice decided to throw a real birthday party for once, with even more cake. I'm not sure this family eats anything but cake anymore.

It still wasn't a big affair, and the only guests were Beatrice's brothers. Of course Randy was there to see his little girl grow up. Mostly because he always seems to be roaming the house. I guess that's what happens when you wall up someone in your basement with a fiancee, kid, and another on the way. Lots of unfinished business.

Beatrice helped Monroe blow out the candles.

And then got excited for some cake!

The rest of the family couldn't wait for cake though it seemed. Or maybe they just preferred something closer to real food once in a while.

Monroe grew up, but she wasn't happy about it.

Then she got some cake, and continued to be unhappy. What a delightful little girl.

Author's Notes

This didn't really fit but Bryce was playing Aria's guitar at the wedding, so handsome!

Also I decided to do hypothetical heir polls, so feel free to vote in those under the heir polls tab :] I am quite interested to see the results :3


  1. LOL at the wedding, hilarious especially Randy wth was up with that! Great chapter as always ;)

  2. Haha, I'm glad that the family tradition of being completely obsessed with cake continues! And yes, they certainly are a bunch of grumpy pants, aren't they?? HA!

  3. Angie - Haha yeah definitely not a dream wedding ;p Randy seriously is just floating around the house all hours of the day, so I guess he just decided it would be fun to attend the wedding as well.

    Redhead - I know right! There's a wedding this chapter and practically the only thing any of them smile for is cake lol, and sometimes even cake doesn't work.