Saturday, August 6, 2011

Generation Two - Chapter Nineteen: Parenthood

We rejoin the Winters family with Beatrice making a wonky face. Typical.

Once she composed herself, it was time to bring out the maternity wear once again. Although I'm not sure if it really counts as maternity wear when it's just a normal bra and panties. Granted, when that's pretty much all she wears throughout her pregnancy I guess it should count.

Then right back to wonky faces. Can't you just feel her overwhelming enthusiasm for baby number three?

Bray celebrated the future arrival the way only an evil sim could, by scaring the crap out of his wife. Lovely family, really.

Monroe had a new hobby, pretending to be queen and ordering everyone around.

She wasn't thrilled that her mother would rather play chess all day than play dress up with her. I suppose this is what happens when you have evil parents, they aren't exactly known for their child rearing abilities.

So she recruited Carter to join in her make believe instead, and they raced each other on the sofa.

Carter & Monroe: Oh Shi--

Try not to crash guys. You don't have enough money to replace that couch again.

Beatrice spent most of her pregnancy figuring out the best way to beat herself at chess. I wouldn't have thought playing yourself would be so hard, but she really seemed to be giving it her all.

When Beatrice's labor started the kids were not exactly enthused.

Carter & Monroe: No thanks.

So Beatrice, once again, took herself to the hospital. I'm not sure who has the bigger bump, her or that fat vampire. He might have you beat though Bea.

Meanwhile, Bray was sleeping. This seems to be a theme for him, sleeping during major life events of Beatrice's that he contributed to. First he slept while she spent the night in jail, and now while she delivered his child.

Oh well, at least the rest of the town seemed to be eagerly awaiting the birth. Either that or the hospital is just the cool place to hang out.

Bray did make it in time for the important parts.

And a few short hours later Beatrice emerged with a brand new baby boy, which is exactly when a woman most wants a random stalker taking a picture of her.

Once they got home Jackson was promptly showered with attention.

Beatrice was quite pleased to have the father fully involved this time. Not that Randy could exactly be blamed for that...

Most children would probably be humiliated to have the school bus, full of their peers, pull up while they were eating cereal in their underwear.

Not Monroe though. So young, and yet so apathetic.

With three children, Beatrice has spent a long time on maternity leave. If she ever wanted to be the emperor of evil she was going to need to get promotions quickly. Luckily, she had an in with the boss, so she invited him over to schmooze.

Yes, her boss was Bryce. Turns out that medical school thing didn't work out so well. Apparently a life of crime suited him though.

That is probably not what a normal person would wear to greet their brother, Beatrice.

She was a woman with a goal, there was no time for clothing changes. She cut straight to the chase.

Beatrice: So... my darling little brother... how about a promotion?

Bryce: Sure, sounds good.

You might be thinking this isn't the most ethical promotion policy. Let me remind you that Beatrice has just been promoted to getaway driver. Ethics are the least of their concerns.

That went so well that she decided she might as well ask for an additional raise as well.

But even family members have their limit.

Bryce:...Are you serious?

With all that business out of the way it was time for an impromptu dance party.

Which quickly turned in to an impromptu birthday party. Might just want to play this one off and pretend you actually remembered your child's birthday Bea.

Or not. Beatrice decided she'd rather mock Carter. On his birthday. His birthday that she forgot. If the parenting continues to get worse each generation by the next one they might all be taken away.

Bray wasn't going to let Beatrice single handedly ruin Carter's birthday though. He wanted to help. So Carter became the newest victim of Bray's daily spraying water faucet prank.

There was at least one family member who tried to make Carter's birthday nice. Carter loved his younger siblings, they made living at home bearable.

Beatrice was starting to get antsy to head back to work. There weren't enough opportunities for evil staying home with the kids.

Author's Notes

Next chapter will be the generation two finale! The potential generation 3 heirs can now be voted on in the hypothetical heir poll, be advised it contains spoilers for what they look like grown up :]


  1. Aw gen 2 over so soon :( I think i'm gonna vote for carter he's pretty cute!

  2. over already? and :D for blue hair babies!

  3. Man, that went by waaaaay too fast!! Every chapter us so funny, I can't wait to see how GEN 3 rolls in!!!

  4. I love your legacy, and I've been reading every chapter diligently..just haven't commented yet. Also, your pictures are such high quality! Would you mind telling me how you get them as such?

  5. I know! Gen 2 went by fast! It has been fun though :]

    raeraine - Thank you so much! Mainly I just play with all the settings on high/very high. If that slows your game down you might try merging your custom content package files if you have a lot of them. Making sure you have enough lighting helps a lot as well :] Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions :]