Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Generation Three - Chapter Twenty-Two: Happiness

Carter wasn't the only one with a high school sweetheart. Monroe had hit it off with Ronald Sutton, and they could often be found sucking face in the living room after school. You would think a rebellious teen like Monroe would have a more sneaky make-out spot.

Monroe's boyfriend didn't get along quite as well with the rest of the family. Well mainly just Carter. Beatrice would probably like him at least.

Despite being moved out to the graveyard Randy was still hanging around the house all hours of the day. I'd tell him to get a life, but... yeah...

One night Beatrice went over to visit her brothers, and ended up celebrating her birthday right then and there. I don't think she was too thrilled about becoming an elder.

Unlike Beatrice, Carter loved to have big birthday parties. Probably because he didn't get a single one as a child. So of course when Jackson was getting ready to enter his teen years Carter wanted to do something special.

Carter and Monroe were there to cheer on their little brother.

Who was pretty pleased with how he grew up.

Once Jackson had blown out his candles there was a mad rush for the cake. I'm not sure who invited the lady who came to a casual party in a wedding dress, but talk about awkward.

Carter was exhausted after the celebration and went straight to bed, leaving Cherry alone with the rest of the family.

Monroe:"Oh dear SimJesus wut?!"

Monroe: Something's not right with this girl.

Yeah It's probably better for Cherry that Carter wasn't around to see this.

After the last maid stole a couch as payment the Winters decided it was time for some new help. Unfortunately this maid decided the living room was a great place to drop wet laundry and then left with his payment.

Each of the boys had their own artistic talent. Carter was very impressed with his mad guitar skills.

Before long it was time for Carter to graduate and enter adulthood. He decided that a formal party would be a nice change of pace.

Unfortunately most of his guests decided they were too cool for dress codes and just showed up in whatever they happened to be wearing.

Including his mother. It just wouldn't be Carter's birthday without Beatrice there to mock him.

At least Cherry was on board, and showed up in her best formal wear.

Now that they were both legally adults and soon would be done with high school there was one more thing Carter wanted for his birthday.

To make his engagement with Cherry official.

Of course she accepted. It was a very happy birthday for Carter.

Once the party had begun to die down, Beatrice took Carter aside to have a conversation. Something they hadn't done in a very long time.

Beatrice:"So uh, you're going to marry that girl?"

Beatrice:"I suppose, if you wanted, you two could live here."


Despite his surprise Carter accepted, and then they did something they really hadn't done in a long time, they hugged.

Cherry moved in the very next day, and decided to start making some home cooked meals. I'm not sure cooking in formal wear is the best idea, but whatever makes her happy.

And speaking of happy, Beatrice was on cloud nine. She could certainly get used to home cooked meals.

Even though Cherry had been dreaming of a bigger wedding, they decided to do something small and private. Afterall, neither of them had a job so they were virtually penniless.

Even if it was a private wedding they were going to do it right. So Cherry changed in to her favorite dress, and Carter pulled out his tux.

Out in the garden, they exchanged their vows.

And had their first kiss as husband and wife.

There weren't any presents, or any guests, or even any cake, but they were happy.

Despite a brief respite during the wedding it was soon right back to the regularly scheduled crazy. After consummating their marriage Cherry changed in to her work out clothes and Carter started staring. And yet they are still probably the most normal couple to date.

Yeah, normal aside from the fact Carter is a dramatic loser and Cherry is insane.


  1. LOL! I love Cherry's traits she's gonna fit into this legacy soooooo well!

  2. ^^agreed ;)
    loving the legacy so far!

  3. I can't wait to see more of the faces that our dear Winter's are so famous for. Little Cherry will fit right in!

  4. Can't wait to see more of Carter and Cherry!

  5. Oh, Carter has latent Aria talents kicking in with that guitar!

    I can't wait to see what jobs they go for!

  6. Yes, I can see how Cherry will fit right in to this family! She's already highly expressive. =)

    This time it isn't the heir that's insane, but the spouse, so that'll be a nice change! Haha

  7. Thank you all :] I'm glad you're liking Cherry <3

    Bunny - That must be it, because I never saw him messing up the way Aria did all the time at the beginning lol.

    RedHead - I know, Carter is almost normal! It should be fun :3