Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Generation One - Chapter Five: Hurdles

Despite Adam's aversion to the birthing process, once the baby was born he was quick to jump in and help. He spent all the time he could bonding with Beatrice.

But eventually duty wold call and he had to head out for work. He always rode to the office with one of the scientists, but they never talked much. Adam noticed the scientists tried to avoid spending time with the test subjects.

And his work as a test subject turned out to be even worse than he thought. Each day he came out of the lab with some sort of new ache or ailment. He wasn't sure what those concoctions he was testing were supposed to do, but if it was anything good they didn't seem to be working.

Back at home Aria seemed to be going a little stir crazy. As much as she loved her daughter, each day she was away from work made her dream of becoming a rock star more unlikely.

At the end of the day though Adam and Aria were always there for each other.

And before they knew it, it was Beatrice's birthday. I think Aria's a bit worried she's the one aging up ;]

Aria: That cake is looking mighty suspicious.

Adam on the other hand, was thrilled to see his little girl grow up in to a beautiful toddler.


Aria and Beatrice were both horribly displeased with those random choices. But doesn't she look adorable after her mini-makeover?

With all this extra time for guitar practice Aria was really getting in to the rock & roll spirit.

Adam was just happy to help his little princess learn the fundamentals like walking.

And Aria even taught her how to make the "I need food" face, and other comparatively trivial matters such as talking.

When Beatrice took her naps though, the adults had some valuable alone time.

Maybe they had a little too much fun during their alone time though, because that looks like...

Yup. Morning sickness.

Aria was surprisingly happy for baby two, even if it meant she wouldn't be returning to work again for a good long while.

Most of the pregnancy went along like the last one.

Only this time Aria had an adorable audience member for her guitar performances.

And of course food time was never neglected.

Despite his initial enthusiasm for child rearing, Adam began to spend less time with Beatrice. He would take care of the basics but once that was over he quickly put her back in the crib.

Aria discovered a new favorite hobby after spending some of her paid leave money on a mirror, looking at herself. At least she has the sense not to try and fight herself this time.

Isn't the resemblance between mother and daughter just uncanny? They both make the same bizarre facial expressions.

And it's clear they adore each other.

Adam had been spending more and more time outside reading. Which consequently meant spending more and more time apart from the rest of the family.

Eventually Aria couldn't stand it anymore, she was tired of worrying herself sick wondering what the problem was, so she confronted Adam over his isolation.

Aria: Is something wrong? It seems like you never want to be around Beatrice or me anymore...

He took the questioning poorly, and lashed out at Aria's simple question.

Adam:All I want is a little time to myself is that really so much to ask for? I'm the one spending all my time at work so you can stay home and play with the kids.

This was more than enough to piss Aria off, but she didn't get the chance to retaliate...

because it was baby time! And also wonky eye time apparently.

Adam had the nerve to stand there calmly while Aria huffed and puffed through labor.

That is until he had an unpleasant stomach pain of his own. Serves him right.

By this point Aria had had enough, and decide she would get herself to the hospital if her husband was going to be useless.

She didn't get more than a foot out the door though before it was time to give birth...

To TWO beautiful baby boys?

Adam had gotten over himself enough to come out and help with newborns Blake and Bryce, but Aria didn't look so quick to forgive.

The older twin, Blake, was born absent minded and friendly.

And Bryce was born a loner who loves the outdoors.

It quickly became apparent that things were going to be tough.

Aria was stuck with three small children, only one crib, and a moody husband. Something was going to have to give.


  1. Poor Aria! :-( She has such a lovely family, though. I love Beatrice! :)

  2. I just got all caught up. : )
    I hope Aria goes back to work to make some more money! And Adam better buck up cause hes got 3 babies now to LOVE! (: Cant wait to see what all the kids will look like as they age!

  3. Oh no, poor Aria.
    How is she going to manage with 3 kids and one crib *O*