Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Generation Three - Chapter Twenty-Three: Company or a Crowd?

Not long after their wedding Cherry began showing the tell tale baby bump.

I'm not sure Carter was ready for the family starting to begin quite so soon.

Each parent to be had their own way of preparing for the forthcoming bundle of joy. Carter decided to register as an inventor, and spent countless hours slaving away at his worktable, hoping to create something that would bring in a fortune.

And Cherry. Well Cherry prepared by playing with toys. Almost as responsible as getting a job, right?

Apparently Carter inherited his eating skills from his grandmother Aria. The Winters may be genetically predisposed to choking to death, better make sure there's always plenty of spares around.

Cherry must have the hidden "creeper" trait, because she decided to steal a page from a certain sparkly "vampire" and watched Carter sleep for a good three hours one night, swooning all the while.

But aside from choking and creeping Cherry's pregnancy was going well, and Carter was sure to be there every step of the way.

Before long it was time for another birthday. This time it was Monroe who was becoming an adult. Carter had offered to throw a party, but she elected for a quiet birthday in the park with her boyfriend instead.

I'm pretty sure they hit it off due to their mutual love of face covering hair.

After warming her up with flowers it was time for the main event. Ronald decided that this would be a perfect time to propose.

Monroe enthusiastically agreed.

They were so excited in fact that they decided to get married right then and there, in the park, in view of the public bathroom. True love. The newlyweds decided to move in to Ronald's house across town that very night.

Back at the homestead Cherry was experiences the joys of nonstop morning sickness.

It was incredibly adorable how excited Carter and Cherry were to be parents.

Not all relationships in the house were going so well though. Despite their tentative truce things were once again tense between Carter and Beatrice.

Seems like Carter forgot that Beatrice is a pro at insulting him. She has had years of practice after all.

Cherry and Beatrice got along well enough though. Well, mainly they ignored each other, same thing.

Before long the big day (or night rather) arrived, and it was time for the fist member of generation four to be born.

I guess Carter and Cherry decided it was more effective to take turns freaking out.

But being the generous person that Cherry is she waddled out in to the kitchen to give birth so that the rest of the family could have some fun freaking out as well. I'm not sure why this seemed to bother Carter, guess he wanted all the fun yelling and doing absolutely nothing to help for himself.

Cherry was very proud that It all worked out in the end though because she successfully gave birth to not one..

but three baby girls, Addison, Blair, and London.

Yup Beatrice, three. Doesn't the new grandmother just look thrilled?

Author's Notes

Yup triplets! I think this might be the very first time I've had triplets in game. Guess I can thank Cherry's enjoyment of children's TV shows for that one.


  1. Aw more triplets, it must be catching! I think it is definately the fault of childish sims.

    I <3 all the babies names, very pretty and of course i can't wait to see how they look!

  2. Calling it ahead of time! I think London will be my favorite! <3

    I wonder if they'll all grow up to be blondies?

  3. Just discovered this fantastic legacy! Such a great read.
    OH MY GOSH TRIPLETS?! They will for sure need grand mother Beatrice to help out.

  4. Eeee! I can't wait to see what the triplets look like!~

  5. THREE KIDS??? Holy moly.

    And yes, I imagine there's going to be a LOT of blonde hair in the following chapters. Haha

    Bunny, if you call London, I'm totally calling Blair! (Gotta love "Facts of Life") =)

  6. Loving Cherry's expression near the end :) And I am seriously enjoying reading this legacy.

    Will the Winters be up for download at all? Are they already and I, being the oblivious person I am, have not found them? Because I want their genes in my legacy so bad ;)

    Yay blondes! :)

  7. Haha I love that you guys are already calling children as favorites while they're still in the larva stage.

    Anja - You know I have been meaning to put them up for download, but I've just been a little lazy about it hehe. Is there anyone in particular you'd like? I can try to get them up first :]

  8. Hm, I think Aria because she's adorable, aaaand Carter? It's really hard to chose because I love them all! :)

  9. Hehe, I love this legacy!

    I was wondering where you get all your pregency clothes from?