Sunday, August 14, 2011

Generation Three - Chapter Twenty-One: Love & Hate

Carter was no genius, but he tried his hardest, and always made sure to get his homework done. Even if it meant reworking the same problem for a good half hour, or two. He may have been a loser, but at least he was a hard working one.

He found it hard to focus though with all the distractions at home. Like his step-father, who thought it was great fun to terrify him. He would just have to put up with it until he graduated.

Or so he thought, until one night he met someone in his very own backyard who made an extraordinary claim.

It seemed impossible, but this was definitely his father. Even as a ghostly shadow of his former self the resemblance was clear.

But how could this be? Carter always thought his father had left when he was just a baby.

Randy knew this was his one chance for justice, so he told Carter everything. He was sure it had been Bray who starved him to death in the basement. Surprisingly, Carter took everything in stride. Either that or he looked so calm because he died from the shock.

Sure enough there was a hollowed out section in the basement just like his father had said.

It was all too much. His step father had really murdered his father? He knew he should go to the police, but what evidence did he really have? If Bray wasn't convicted he would just be making his own life harder.

After discovering the truth about what happened to his father, Carter tried to avoid home whenever possible. One afternoon while visiting a nearby park he ran in to one of the girls from his school.

She cheerfully introduced herself as Cherry Pine.

Cherry: "Quite the name, right? Parents can be so cruel." she said with a giggle.

Carter:"You have no idea."

After that day they would often meet up at the gardens after school to discuss, well, everything. Eventually Carter even opened up about his dilemma, though he left out the ghost part. He didn't want Cherry thinking he was crazy.

Before long Carter and Cherry were practically inseparable.

So one night, he snuck out to meet her under the stars, and asked the all important question.

Carter: "Cherry, will you be my girlfriend?"

Cherry: "Yes."

It was all thanks to Cherry's advice and encouragement that Carter finally decided to go to the police. He knew all along that he had to do what was right, but she gave him the final push.

So he told the Officer everything he knew.

Officer Rose: "Um kid, I know it's rough getting along with step parents but to say that he's a murderer..."

Carter couldn't believe that he wouldn't even consider it, and because this family loves to make enemies with people who could make their lives miserable, he let the officer have a piece of his mind.

Carter:"I thought the police were actually supposed to help people, not just sit around at some desk at the station."

At least Carter had the presence of mind to realize that aggravating the police wasn't exactly in his best interest.

Carter:"... Er, I mean, couldn't you at least give it a look?"

His father was right. They found his remains in the hollowed out stone. Between that and an old voice mail message they got off his phone they were able to convict Bray and sentenced him to death. He would never wish death on someone, but Carter couldn't help but feel a sense of relief with Bray out of the house.

His mother on the other hand was feeling everything but relief. Mainly anger. He couldn't remember a time when they got along particularly well, but after Carter testified in court things had taken a whole new turn for the worse.

Randy was finally given a proper resting place in the family graveyard. Carter would occasionally go out and talk to him.

Carter had only met his father after his death, and his mother downright hated him, not that he cared for her any better lately. He knew that when he had a family he would make sure things didn't turn out this way.

Even without Bray there, Carter preferred to do his homework out on the town. Well, I think he really would have preferred not doing homework at all.

Getting to see Cherry when he was done with it made it worth the effort.

They spent almost every afternoon hanging out together. Which sometimes involved dancing with a completely bored expression. You're dancing Carter, not having a cavity filled.

That's better.

At least he seemed to genuinely enjoy foosball. Even though he lost to Cherry every single time. Such is the life of an eternal loser.

Luckily he wasn't a sore loser. He was just happy to spend time with Cherry, and loved to see her face light up when he brought her flowers. I'm not convinced she's not about to chow down on them though. I think this family has given me weird ideas about what is edible.

Cherry had other ideas for her lips than eating flowers. (Thank goodness).

One of the only real benefits of not bring on speaking terms with his mother was that Carter basically did anything he wanted. Which included having Cherry over at all hours of the night. They loved to sit out and watch the stars.

Which occasionally turned in to watching the sunrise.

It was always a shame when Cherry had to leave in the morning to make sure she was home before her parents woke up.

So one morning, without even thinking, Carter leaned in and asked her to marry him after they graduated.

Cherry accepted with a smile. If his family was dysfunctional, he'd just have to make a functional family of his own.

Yeah, good luck on that one kid.

Author's Notes

Generation Three is here! The poll was pretty close, but I hope you all enjoy Carter's time as heir :]


  1. Yayy, a new gen, & I think these two are going to make pretty cute bbys. :D

  2. Cherry is beautiful :) Can't wait for the babies!

    -Kira Jay

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  3. I'm excited for this gen, Cherry is super cute!

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    How do you get such gorgeous photos? Do you use the HD mod or something? <3

  5. Omg I love this legacy. Cherry is such a sweetheart!

    What skin do you use? everyone looks amazing!

  6. Glad you all are enjoying the new gen so far :]

    Bunny - Nope, I don't use the HD mod. I play with all of my settings on high/very high and I try to use good lighting for posed pictures (like character intros), but never really mess around with it for the actual story pictures. If you have an older graphics card good lighting can make a huge difference, so I definitely recommend playing around with it :]

    XtraOrdinary - Thanks! I use Ladyfrontbum silk faces & nice skin for females, and Geldyh Bond skins for males. The links are on the credits page :]

  7. Yey for gen 3 and yey for Carter! Although i am now slightly conflicted as i voted for Carter to be heir but now i know he dobbed in Bray i'm a bit put out! But i'm sure i'll get over it, some day ;)

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