Sunday, July 17, 2011

Generation Two - Chapter Thirteen: The Real World

Part of being an adult is getting a job, so Beatrice sat down with the paper to find something that interested her. I'm not exactly sure how groping herself was supposed to help though.

She wasn't impressed with the selection, but settled for a "coffee courier" position at one of the local businesses. The position required no experience so with a quick phone call Beatrice was gainfully employed! Doesn't she look thrilled?

On the other end of the house the youngest son, Bradford, was growing up in true Winters style.

And just like always, once the deformed features settled down he was pretty cute.

When he emerged from the nursery Beatrice was shocked, and a little disturbed. She must have forgotten that she had another brother. I would too considering he never seemed to be let out of his crib.

But for once Bea decided to be a good big sister and read him a bed time story.

Blake had been growing more distant from his imaginary friend Belinda. Things had gotten so bad that she chose to turn back in to a doll. It was probably for the better, maybe then he could get some real friends like a normal teenage boy.

Things weren't going well between Bryce and his formerly imaginary, now quite real, friend either. Despite Bray's shocked face, Bryce knew exactly who was rigging faucets to spray him in the face every morning.

Beatrice was doing her best to live up to the title of heir by indulging in some cakey goodness at every opportunity. And as you can see, now that Adam was gone the cleaning rarely got done. You would think someone could pull the spoiled food out of the fridge before it started emitting noxious green fumes, but of course not.

One night Adam did decide to drop by for a visit from beyond the grave. I was hoping that he would get some cleaning done, but what exactly is it that Beatrice was doing when she saw the ghost of her dead father?

Checking out her totally awesome biceps, right. I would feel bad for Adam but he was the one who raised her.

The next day Beatrice started her Coffee Courier position, and absolutely despised it.

And when she quit that, she despised her paper girl job too.

And despite her athletic nature, she even despised the job she got at Llama stadium.

While Beatrice was busy getting hired and fired the rest of the family was moving on without her. The twins graduated, and despite their differences both wanted to go to medical school. They decided to move in to their own place while studying to become doctors.

Beatrice had figured that Bray would leave with them, but apparently the rift between him and Bryce had grown too deep. He could only awkwardly wave goodbye as the friend who had made him real moved out and left him behind.

Bradford was growing up as well, and started high school around the same time as Beatrice was "let go" from her "paper delivery career" as she liked to put it.

With no place else to go Bray asked Beatrice in a very serious manner, that certainly didn't involve yelling awkwardly, if he could stay at the house. Beatrice reluctantly accepted, she knew he still had residual feelings for her from their fake date, but he really had no other place to stay.

Aria had finally taken notice of Bray, and seemed to be under the impression that he was Beatrice's boyfriend. Visions of weddings and grandchildren were already dancing in her head.

Bray was grateful for being allowed to stay and knew just how to thank Beatrice. He told her about some of his associates who could find her some more suitable work.

Because this family is apparently drawn to shady jobs like moths to the flame Beatrice eagerly accepted.

And what sort of job did Beatrice accept? The sort that ends like this, and no it's not a police ride along. Hey, at least she got the front seat this time.

Since this was Beatrice's first criminal offense they let her off easy, and she only had to spend the night in jail.

And what was Bray, who suggested Beatrice take this job, doing while she was in jail? Taking a nap of course!

Beatrice was relieved to be let out early the next morning.

However, breakfast was a little awkward, since Bray had got her a job that resulted in arrest and then abandoned her.

Beatrice knew just how to break the tension, making faces!

Bray was not amused.

I guess he preferred dancing to making faces.

Of course they couldn't dance in the living room forever. Bray had some very serious, rage inducing business to take care of.

Also known as yelling at the toilet. I can't imagine why in the world Bryce would want to leave such an emotionally stable, and fun loving friend behind.

Elsewhere in the house Adam's ghost had returned once again, this time to spend a little time with his beloved wife.


  1. AWWW, love love love it, your legacy is just awesome :D

  2. Haha Bray makes me laugh, and I love his hair :)

  3. Yep Bray is one funny Sim he fits in perfectly at the Winters house ;)

  4. Started laughing from the first caption. Hilarious stuff. I hope you publish a book sometime! =)