Monday, June 6, 2011

Generation One - Chapter Three: Walls & Weddings

Now where did we leave off?

Oh right.

The break up was rather messy.

But Aria didn't seem to mind. And why should she? She had everything she wanted.

She did have work in the morning though, so once the dramatics were over she gave Adam a quick kiss goodbye and headed home.

And resting up must have paid off because she came out of work with a promotion. She's now a full fledged roadie. I'm not sure how much of a promotion that is, but at least it comes with a raise.

She invited Adam over to share the good news, and then hurried to tidy up her hovel before his arrival.

But for some reason he still wasn't impressed by her lovely home.

I'm not sure why exactly she decided to walk around in her lingerie all evening, but Adam certainly wasn't complaining.

They spent some time chatting and celebrating Aria's new job.

But this was more than just a celebration, Aria had an ulterior motive for inviting Adam over (and maybe for the attire too ;]).

Aria: Will you marry me?

That looks like a yes to me. Adam moves in and brings with him....

Enough money for walls! It may not be much but all things considered it's practically a mansion to Aria.

After the house though there's practically nothing left, and Aria is already dreaming of her next windfall.

Adam and Aria quickly fall in to a routine. Adam lounges about the house, reading and cleaning.

While Aria goes to work and practices the guitar during her off time. She doesn't look like she's doing that great...

But it must be good enough, because she soon gets another promotion! She's now a stagehand, getting ever closer to actually being on the stage. And yes, that's her happy face.

With her recent promotion the happy couple has enough money to have their wedding. Adam wakes up early to set up the buffet and invite over the guests.

They greet the attendees and change in to their wedding attire.

And after a couple pre-wedding photos it's time for the ceremony to begin.

Aria: Adam, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness to you.

Adam: Aria, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness to you.

The wedding is going beautifully, but at this point you might be asking where are the guests? Well dear reader let me show you.

Despite setting out nicely arranged chairs they all decided to stand off to the side by the unpainted house. And no, I have no idea why almost everyone they know is an elder.

Aria & Adam don't seem to care either way. The guests were only invited for gifts and atmosphere anyways, although they seem to be failing at both.

Aw, their first kiss as husband and wife.

But it's once the guests all have gone that things really get going.

Yeah I think those photos speak for themselves ;]


  1. Awww, I love it! Aria got the man, and her walls! Such a happy ending for this chapter. Now for the babies! ;)

  2. I love this :)
    I shall be following this :)

  3. Fel - haha of course! I'm excited to see their lovely children~

    thevirgolegacy - Thanks so much for reading! I'm glad you're liking it :]

  4. Yay, she got the hubby and the walls. :D

  5. YAY !!! This is very nice,Aria got her a cuddle buddy and her a house now for the family to start .!!!