Friday, June 3, 2011

Generation One - Chapter Two: Just Friends?

Rise and shine Aria! It's a new day, and time for a new adventure.

She looks surprisingly happy considering how her life in Twinbrook has been going so far.

It's not long before Aria is starving again (didn't I just feed her? she's worse than my dog), and I'm thinking she could use a shower too.

Yes yes food time I know.

So she heads off to the gym where she can take care of all her needs at once. And maybe find a hunk while she's at it.

But instead of getting some food or hopping in the shower Aria decides to mix herself up a drink.

Which, as far as I can tell, does nothing expect make her need to use the bathroom. Awesome choices Aria.

After a quick shower Aria headed to the main gym area. And could it be? A decent looking townie? In Twinbrook?

I know you're hungry but could you at least pay a little attention Aria?

Yes that's better. If not a little creepy...

Aw I think she's already smitten...or drunk. Probably drunk.

Anyways, she finally stops staring creepily long enough to introduce herself.

She finds out his name is Adam and they hit it off right away. He even has the same childish sense of humor as Aria.

They spend some time chatting and joking around, but before long Aria discovers two fatal flaws in Adam's candidacy for spouse. First, he's unemployed and therefore incapable of prividing the walls she so desperately needs. Second, and more importantly, Adam has a girlfriend.

They may not be meant to be, but Aria is glad to have found her first real friend in Twinbrook. Before long though her needs are plummeting, so she says her goodbyes and heads out.

A bit tired of having to trek across town for a meal Aria has decided that it's time to make some money, using whatever means necessary.

But first she must wait... and swing?

It's no time for fun and games Aria. Time to get down to business.

And steal a bench? Alright Aria, whatever you want.

After a couple more swipes Aria heads for home and sets up her new furniture. She had a streetlight as well but decided that was a little conspicuous and sold it for a fridge.

In the morning she heads out for her first day of work as a fan.

And that night she has her first chance to actually work on her guitar skill. Which might be a little important for an aspiring rock star.

After a couple days of work she has enough money to buy some more essentials. If she had some walls it might actually start looking like a home.

Later that week Aria is invited to a party at Adam's home after work. She's not thrilled at the idea of meeting his girlfriend, but decides to at least stop by. It's then she discovers something new about Adam...

He's Rich! Maybe he could provide those walls after all. And people break up with girlfriends all the time, especially with a little help.

Aria tries to speak with Adam, but can't seem to get him alone. There's too many creepy vampire elders ogling him.

So she waits until he heads to the bathroom and follows him in. (Yeah still a little creepy Aria). Adam seems genuinely happy to see her, and Aria decides this is her chance to lure him in. It's now or never. She goes all out confessing her feelings.

But to Aria's dismay Adam rejects her outright.

Adam: "It's not that I don't have feelings for you...I just...I'm with Stella's complicated"

Aria: "It's not complicated. If you really loved her you wouldn't have feelings for someone else."

Aria: "If that's how you feel though, I'll leave you both alone. I won't bother you any more."

Before Aria knew what was happening Adam pulled her in to an embrace.

Adam: "Don't Go."

Adam: "You're right. I've been too cowardly to break up with Stella, but that's no way to live."

Aria knew she had him hooked.

Unfortunately it was at just this moment that Stella wondered what was taking Adam so long.


  1. Ahhh...I love it! :) Aria is gorgeous, and so funny. I'm following now. Can't wait to see what happens with Stella. :P

  2. Haha, she stole a street lamp. And sold it for a fridge.
    This legacy is just getting better and better.
    I'm going to try and quickly catch up XD

  3. The last picture is priceless :D