Thursday, July 7, 2011

Generation Two - Chapter Eleven: Love?

Congratulations to Beatrice! The Winters Legacy Generation 2 Heir!

With mom away the teens are bound to play. Beatrice decided that it was a great idea to have a house party! Blake on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it. He kept telling Beatrice that she was just asking for trouble. When reason failed he resorted to making faces behind her back, for some reason that didn't convince her either.

Beatrice wasn't concerned with her brother's warnings, she was ready for some good times consequences be damned.

When she told Bryce about the party he was all for it, and even added some of his own friends to the guest list. Despite being twins the boys turned out nothing alike.

Blake tried to stay out of it and focus on his school work. If he wasn't involved then he wouldn't get in trouble, right?

Party time came and all the guests started arriving. Beatrice had set out some PB&J sandwiches as refreshments, which is obviously the mark of a great party. Everyone was having a good time except for Blake, who was still wearing his disapproving face.

His disapproval wasn't just about the party this time though, it was who his sister was talking with. Randy was one of Bryce's close friends, but he was known as one of the biggest players at Community High.

Beatrice didn't care about his reputation, it was just a nice change to chat and flirt. She had been spending so much time with her chess board and chemistry set that she still had hardly any friends and, as far as she knew, exactly zero boys interested in her. So as cheesy as it was when Randy complimented her silky hair and sparkling eyes he was impossible to resist.

At one point in the evening Bryce came over and tried to pull Beatrice away, but she was having none of it and just ignored him. She wasn't going to let her brothers ruin her good time. She was older then them after all, who were they to tell her what to do.

Bea and Randy were inseparable for the entire evening. She hadn't had this much fun in a long time, maybe not since her dad died.

So when Randy took her in his arms and asked if she wanted to go somewhere more private, she cautiously accepted.

Beatrice just knew she was making a fool of herself with her nervous giggling and awkward facial expressions(That's Beatrice's sexy face by the way. Irresistible.), but Randy wasn't much focused on her face.

After an entire night of flirting one thing continued to lead to another, which eventually led under the covers.

Afterwards, Beatrice asked innocently if this meant they were a couple now. Randy immediately flipped out.

Randy: I thought you knew what this was.

Randy: Don't you know my girlfriend's a cheerleader? Geez, how stupid are you? You better not tell her about this, not that she'd believe a nerd like you.

Beatrice was crushed. She hadn't expected much to come of their flirting, but she certainly didn't expect this.

Beatrice: Fine, just leave.

Randy obliged, but when she went back out to the party she had a whole new bag of trouble to deal with. She found herself face to face with a police officer, who informed her there had been a noise complaint, and everyone was sent home. There was no way her mom wouldn't find out about this.

When Aria returned though (still wearing her swimsuit for some reason) it wasn't Beatrice who got in trouble, but Blake.

As punishment he was sent to stand in the corner of Beatrice's room. Yeah Aria, that makes perfect sense.

Beatrice easily could have fessed up and taken her rightful blame, but Beatrice wasn't one to offer herself up for punishment just to help out her brother. One thing her one night stand with Randy confirmed was that she had to look out for herself first.

Besides, Beatrice didn't have time to coddle Blake. She had just made a huge breakthrough.

She went straight to Bryce with her findings.

Beatrice: That potion you wanted, well I made it. The ingredients are too expensive and rare to make another batch though. If I give it to you, I probably won't be able to make more for Blake.

Bryce's response was just what Beatrice expected. Despite initial hesitation he took the potion for himself.

Beatrice left Bryce to use the potion. She still wasn't convinced that there were such things as imaginary friends to make real, but she would know for sure soon enough.

As soon as he drank the potion Bray, Bryce's imaginary friend, began to feel the transformation within.

Engulfed in a deep purple haze he could feel his insides shifting.

Bryce was amazed as his friend transformed in front of his eyes. What was once a dollish figure in his mind was becoming a real living breathing person.

Um... your friend looks a little bit evil there Bryce.

But after a little evil. What exactly has Beatrice unleashed on the world?

Author's Notes

Originally I planned on making one of the boys the heir (was leaning towards Bryce), and this chapter was going to be part of Gen One. Then as I was typing it up I realized that Beatrice kind of took over and made herself the heir, lol. I do love evil sims though, so I'm not complaining ;]


  1. Haha, you are SO funny!! I really love reading your chapters, they never fail to make me laugh.

    Oh Beatrice, you sneaky devil, you!

  2. Oh, so great! I was sad to see Aria go, but Beatrice is going to be fun, I can tell!

  3. I loved it. I wanna see what the other imaginary friend looks like though!

  4. I love Beatrice, I don't mind her being the heir!
    She's amazingly evil.

    But I'm still upset that she got her heart broken.
    Stupid Randy.

    P.S I'm fringegal on website :D
    Just so you know.

  5. I'm glad you chose Beatrice, evil sims are more fun. Speaking of evil, that blue hair guy is creepy. I thought imaginary friends were supposed to be nice and cuddly!