Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Generation Two - Chapter Twenty: Consequences

Now that Carter was a teen he looked even more like his late father. Maybe that's why Bray seemed to have some sort of grudge against him.

Bray never missed an opportunity to scare the bejeebus out of Carter.

Beatrice had her hands full with other matters though, such as fighting with the maid.

At least I thought it was the maid she was fighting with, but once the maid was long gone Beatrice was still angry.

Oh, I get it. That towel rack must have looked at her the wrong way. As Beatrice approached her retirement years (not that she had actually been to work lately) she was getting a bit angry at the world. Including inanimate objects apparently.

When it came to the youngest Winters though, Beatrice was all hugs and kisses.

Less so for Monroe, who got to grow up with no one but the maid cheering her on. Even Carter got a dance party. (Kind of).

Monroe: Ugh, what is up with this guy?

I'm beginning to think that the man-maid was a little too happy. She's only a teen, back off dude.

Bray and Beatrice had a good reason for missing the party. Sleep. Always a great excuse. Especially when blowing off your children.

With two teens to help out around the house, Beatrice started to rekindle some of her old interests. It was the first time she devoted any significant time to her chemistry set since she developed the potion to make Bray real.

Carter was great with Jackson, which meant Beatrice was free to exercise to her heart's content.

Self sufficient children were truly an upgrade.

Well, kind of self sufficient. As long as nothing actually burnt down it still counts.

Carter and Monroe still got along like two peas in a pod, and everything in the house seemed to be running smoothly.

Until one day, out of the blue, they had an unexpected visitor.

Bray was quick to inform the officer that he couldn't just barge in to their home uninvited. However, when he produced a warrant for the search of their house and basement there was nothing Bray could say to stop him.

Bray tried his best to remain calm and look inconspicuous.

Bray: Oh. Well. That's fine. Not like we have anything to hide.

He didn't do a very good job of it.

Officer Rose: You'd better hope so.

Unfortunately, it was as if he knew exactly where to look. It didn't take long before he had unearthed Randy's remains.

Officer Rose: I--It's true.

Bray wasn't sure how to respond.

But lashing out and threatening the police officer was probably not the wisest choice. Beatrice had always suspected that Bray had done something drastic to rid them of Randy, but she never expected it to end this way, not after so many years. Even so, she knew she had to disavow she had any knowledge of this.

The officer laughed off Bray's threats, he wasn't doing anything but further incriminating him self. Bray was a career criminal with a dead body in the basement, he had no hope in court.

He was taken in that very evening, and charged with the murder of Officer Randy Gaitlin.

Beatrice knew that the odds were against him ever returning home.

The next few months were especially hard, and the stress seemed to visibly age Beatrice. The trial drug on, but as Beatrice predicted there was no hope for Bray. In the end, he was sentenced to death.

Times were equally rough for Jackson, who was growing up and beginning to wonder where his father had gone. Monroe took on the difficult task of consoling him when daddy couldn't be there to see him start school.

But her efforts could only go so far.

After the sentence was carried out, Beatrice was allowed to bury Bray in their small family graveyard.

She appreciated having a private place to grieve.

Because, in her own home, she had been experiencing frequent, unadulterated hatred.

For her son who had ruined everything.

Author's Notes

And thus concludes generation two! I hope you're not all too upset, I didn't realize everyone would love Bray so much lol. I really loved everyone this generation (even Randy), so it will be sad to move on.

I also want to say thanks to everyone who's been reading. Last chapter brought the blog up to the 10,000 views mark which was unexpected and amazing! All the nice feedback really makes my day/week/month/lifetime so thank you guys so much for reading and commenting :3

Currently Carter is winning the hypothetical heir poll with 46% of the vote, tune in next chapter to see if he becomes heir!


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  3. Thanks Bunny :3

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