Sunday, July 24, 2011

Generation Two - Chapter Fifteen: Revelations

Despite her nerves, Beatrice knew she had to tell Randy, so she called and invited him over.

She already had quite the baby bump, but still nervously announced her pregnancy.

Randy's initial reaction was pretty expected.

But what he did next shocked Beatrice.

She had faith he wouldn't just run off but, to actually propose right on the spot? Judging by Beatrice's gorgeous and composed surprised face that was clearly unexpected.

And how could she say no to that face? (and that ring)

She excitedly pulled her new fiance in to a hug, and asked him to move in right away.

When Bray came home from work he was less than thrilled to discover the new housemate. Randy was apparently so engrossed in his stories that he didn't notice Bray's evil laugh and death glares. Despite Bray's opposition, I'm thinking Randy will fit right in with this family.

After his show was done he got up to chat with Bray, but he wasn't interested. Something about that expression leads me to believe Bray may already be plotting Randy's demise.

Beatrice had more important concerns though. She was hungry and pregnant, a dangerous combination.

Aside from Beatrice's extreme appetite her pregnancy was progressing well, and Randy was eager to meet their child for the first time.

Before long Beatrice woke up with an expression that could only mean one thing.

The baby was coming! Nice choice of maternity sleepwear there Beatrice.

So what does a normal pregnant woman do when it's time to head to the hospital? Probably not calmly walk past her mother and fiancee.

And then drive herself to the hospital.

Randy did eventually get with the program and run to the hospital in time for the birth.

And after a long labor Beatrice and Randy arrived back at home with a beautiful baby boy, Carter.

The new parents were exhausted and immediately hit the hay, but Bray was just getting back from work and took the opportunity to snuggle with little Carter. Maybe for the sake of this small child Bray could learn to deal with living with Randy.

Or so he thought until the next day, when Randy came back from work in full uniform. What exactly was Beatrice thinking marrying a cop?

Apparently she had no idea he was a cop either. You would think that might have come up before, but then again, she hadn't exactly told Randy about her job with a criminal organization either.

This was bad. There was no way she could marry a cop. Her coworkers would kill her. Perhaps literally.

Awkward as it was she had no choice but to ask Bray for his help once again.

Bray assured her that he would take care of the situation and find a way to get rid of Randy.

I'm not sure Beatrice and Bray have the same idea of get rid of though...


  1. LOL I love Brays evil faces! Thats quite a serious misunderstanding i wonder how Beatrice will react?

  2. LOL Brays my favourite character eventhough he isn't a family member. and lol you commented on her choice of sleepwear too xD

  3. Bray is definitely my favorite. :3

  4. <3 Bray. I so love evil Sims.

  5. Bray is hilarious.

    As hilarious as Beatrice's expressions! You are the master of Sims slapstick!!