Sunday, July 31, 2011

Generation Two - Chapter Seventeen: Once More With Feeling

With a new baby on the way it was time for Beatrice to get the hang of this whole parenting thing.

Carter was developing his genetically required affinity for food early on.

This pregnancy was harder on Beatrice than the first, but Bray was there to help out with Carter.

Including helping teach him the essentials in the newly redecorated nursery.

He even did the laundry with a smile... or an evil smirk? Meh, close enough.

Before long the big day arrived, and Beatrice reluctantly put her simulated sims game on hold to rush to the hospital.

Despite how difficult her pregnancy was the labor went smoothly and Beatrice delivered a healthy baby girl that very evening. Like her brother Carter, Monroe was born with the good trait. As you can tell Beatrice wasn't exactly thrilled that none of her children were following in her evil footsteps.

Back at home someone had to watch Carter while Beatrice was in the hospital, but I don't think anyone was counting on it being Randy. Bray wasn't exactly sure what to make of the situation, but from the look on his face I'd say he settled on denial.

Bray: This can't be happening, right?

It didn't take long for Monroe to outgrow her cocoon and start crawling around the house. She just loved to drag toys out of the toy box and scatter them across the house for the family to trip over. She may be a nice sim, but she certainly isn't a neat one.

Although, looking at that smile I'm beginning to doubt her niceness. Must just be Beatrice's influence though...

...because she acted like an angel when her dad held her.

Carter was a willful child, and a bit jealous of his new little sister. The only thing that seemed to satisfy him was food.

He knew exactly how to smile and get away with it too.

With two little ones in the house Beatrice and Bray had to treasure their romantic moments whenever they could get them.

Although the maid didn't exactly approve of their making out in front of her.

Now that Beatrice and Bray had similar working hours they had to resort to hiring the dreaded babysitter to watch the kids at night. They must have hit the jackpot because this baby sitter actually cleaned.

Randy didn't seem to approve of her though.

Must have thought she was getting too close to his kid.

She actually paid attention to the kids though, so I'm going to let the whole "looking inside your child's head" thing go.


Yes it was that magical time when one of the winters children mutates. Beatrice was a bit embarrassed to be seen with Carter during his awkward phase, what a great mother.

At this point Carter became distressed, where was the birthday cake?

Sorry Carter, the baby sitter's here (cleaning the bathroom for some reason, gotta say I like this girl) which must mean it's the parent's date night. Way more important than celebrating Carter's birthday.

Luckily Bray moved the date from the dirty bathroom to the much more suitable park nearby.

Bray confessed that he had a reason for bringing Beatrice out that night.

He took Beatrice's hand is his, and worked up his courage...

Bray: Beatrice, I've wanted to ask you this a long time. Will you marry me?

Looks like the Winters have another wedding to plan. Hopefully this one will actually happen.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Generation Two - Chapter Sixteen: Departures

Randy awoke the next morning with a massive headache in what he could only assume was some sort of basement. There were stone walls on every side, so he concluded he must have been knocken out, drug down here, and then sealed in.

No need to panic, who ever had kidnapped him in hadn't even thought to get rid of his cell phone.

Once he attempted to dial out though he realized it was indeed time to panic after all. The only thing he could do with his phone was check his voice mail, where a deep, ominous voice informed Randy that he would no longer be meddling in their affairs.

Meanwhile, baby Carter was having a typically uneventful Winters birthday party. One of these generations they might actually get a birthday party with friends, but this is not the one.

Aw the death stare. Beatrice learned from Aria so well.

After placing Carter on the ground, Beatrice promptly walked out of the room. Yup, definitely Aria's daughter.

Carter grew up looking exactly like his father. That might make for some awkward conversations in the future.

And speaking of Randy, things were starting to get dire in his basement abode.

With nothing else to do Randy filled his hours with desperate attempts to contact the outside world.

But when his phone battery finally died he realized that there was no getting out.

Since Randy "mysteriously disappeared" Bray took over his share of the child rearing duties.

Even without his father, between Bray, Beatrice, and Grandma Aria, little Carter was getting spoiled with attention.

Down in the cellar the hunger pains were becoming unbearable for Randy.

So it was almost a relief when he closed his eyes for the final time, and slipped away in his sleep.

In his ghostly form Randy could easily escape his stone coffin, and quickly realized that he hadn't been taken far. He had been held captive in the Winters' very own basement. Before he could figure out who exactly had engineered his untimely demise, Grim arrived to usher him to the afterlife.

Of course it shouldn't have been too hard to figure out who was responsible. Bray was thrilled when the faint sounds from inside the stone chamber finally stopped.

But it was a busy day at the Winters house for the Grim Reaper. Not long after Randy's death Aria passed on from old age.

Beatrice was crushed, and Bray was... fiendishly delighted?

Or maybe Beatrice was apathetic and Bray was crushed. These sims and their ever changing feelings. One thing was certain though, Grim was having a great day, two souls for the work of one.

With his work done more quickly than usual, Grim decided to hang around for a while and have a pleasant chat with Bray.

Well, pleasant until Bray started threatening the Grim Reaper. Sounds like a real smart life decision there Bray, making enemies with the harbinger of death.

The household was getting pretty tiny, with only Bray, Beatrice, and Carter.

And when it came time to teach Carter the ever important food face, Beatrice couldn't help but wish her mom was there to help her out.

This household wouldn't stay tiny for much longer though, because to her surprise Beatrice was once again expecting.

For some reason she didn't find it any easier to tell Bray the second time around. Since Randy went missing he had been like a father to Carter, and pitched in without even being asked. Would he resent her for having another of Randy's children when she knew he still cared for her all along?

Before she got in to that though, she had to ask if Bray knew what was going on with Randy.

Bray wouldn't tell her exactly what he had done, and only said that Officer Randy wouldn't be causing them any more grief. Beatrice was surprisingly accepting of the fact she'd never see her fiance and father of her children again.

Maybe it was because even without Randy she had her own little family.

Beatrice knew what had to be done next. She mustered up her courage and told Bray she was once again pregnant.

To Bea's surprise he pulled her in to an enthusiastic hug and congratulated her.

But she still wasn't at ease. She confessed that she wasn't sure why Bray was being so helpful and accepting when most guys would be long gone. It's not like she could blame him, he didn't have any responsibility to her children.

Bray answered her with a simple gesture.

And this time when he tried to kiss her, she didn't pull away.

Author's Notes

You know I had originally planned on having Beatrice being a little more upset at the sudden disappearance of her fiancé. But when she gossiped with Bray this is what she had to say:

Now in-game Beatrice & Randy were completely happy/in love/still engaged at the time of his death, so I have no idea why it made her so happy he was dead. I'll say it again, I love evil sims lol.

But I think the "most evil" award this chapter still goes to Bray. Who hasn't lock a sim in a small room until they starved to death though?