Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Generation Three - Chapter Twenty-Four: Here We Go Again

The triplets (left to right: Addison, London, Blair) soon became full fledged toddlers, which meant they became a full fledged handful as well.

With so many tiny tots at once it really did take a village to raise them. Everyone had their own skills to teach.

Carter taught each of his little angels to walk.

Cherry was in charge of teaching the basics of talking.

And Jackson, he got to take care of diaper changes. Clearly he couldn't have been happier with his lot in life.

The toddlers themselves were in charge of being just plain adorable.

With three rambunctious toddlers the sleeping arrangements often looked more like friends at summer camp than newlyweds.

And yet, somehow, it still lead to this.

Which we all know is just a sign of this.

Pregnancy number two with baby number four meant that Cherry was back to experiencing awful morning sickness. It also meant that Carter got left with the less desirable chores.

He wasn't exactly thrilled when the dishwasher and sink decided to simultaneously crap out. Jackson just wanted to remember the exact moment of Carter's breakdown, it could really help him capture a sense of desperation in his paintings.

With all the knowledge he'd gained inventing he probably could have fixed it up faster, but looking busy with the broken dishwasher was a good way to steal a few personal minutes.

Even though he wasn't thrilled about potty training he put on a happy face for his girls.

Well until he found out just how much stink a little toddler can produce.

Yeah, potty training wasn't his favorite part of being a dad.

Cherry was preparing for this pregnancy the same way she did with the last. Only this time it was a little more irresponsible.

Cherry:If I ignore her she'll stop crying right?

Poor Addison.


Oh dear god, Carter she's going to eat a baby, do something!

Or maybe she's just going in to labor. I know that your parents liked to sleep through important events Carter, but I'm not sure that's really a trend you should continue.

Somehow, despite being in the same room during his wife's very loud labor, Carter managed to sleep through the whole thing, and missed the arrival of his son Parker.

In a rare display of maternal instinct, Beatrice took her grandson so that Cherry could get some rest. Carter finally decided to wake up, way too late.

Parker grew in to an absolutely adorable toddler.

And Carter was thrilled to have a son. Now when Jackson moved out he wouldn't be entirely outnumbered.

It was definitely a bit much to have four toddlers at once though.

I'm not sure it was quite that difficult though Carter.

Oh, yeah, being on fire might be a legitimate reason to make that face. Luckily he had an emergency shower installed outside for just such occasions.

Nothing like a near death experience to make you want to feel alive.

Even with both parents forgoing a normal nine to five career there was always something around the house that needed attending to. Days seemed to pass quickly as Carter went about his normal business.

Like passing off child care duties to the unwilling.

Jackson: "Please help me!"

Narrowly avoiding work time disasters.

And being an over dramatic baby when Cherry cooked something he didn't care for.

Cherry also seemed to have developed a normal routine.

Well Carter, I think the "little" part of happy little family is out the window.

Author's Notes

Well the nursery got redecorated again, and Blair is the Winters family's first brunette!

For those wondering where Blair got her luscious locks I present Cherry's parents:

Also, since it was requested last chapter I'm going to try and get the winters up for download soon. Let me know if there's anyone you're hankering to download in particular and I'll try to get those sims up first :]


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