Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Generation One - Chapter Nine: Blue & Yellow

Hey Beatrice, what are you doing there with that glowing wrench?

It turns out she was just fixing the shower as part of her punishment.

Except...what's that glowing red sphere in the shower head? Beatrice was looking a little too pleased with her handiwork, don't you think?

She proceeded to call her dad in to take a shower... Yeah like that's going to work. He just caught her messing with the shower last night, he wouldn't be so dumb as to trust her now would he?

Adam: Well get out then so I can take my shower.

I guess he would.

Beatrice was thrilled by her trickery, so much so that she had to stop for an evil cackle before leaving the bathroom. Master of stealthiness she is not.

Adam striped down for his shower, which involved styling his hair in a ridiculous fashion apparently. He may have tried to shoo Aria out of the room, but she was too engrossed in admiring her reflection to acknowledge other people at the time.

At first everything seemed to be fine. The shower was no longer leaking, and the water was nice and warm. All signs said that Beatrice had done a great job fixing it up.

But Beatrice wouldn't try and do scalding water twice in a row, no, this girl was a genius. So instead she dyed his hair bright blue.

It took a minute but in true Winters fashion Adam made a remarkable freak out face when he discovered what had happened.

After about twenty washes Adam got the color to fade, but that blue wasn't going anywhere for a while, and he was none too pleased about it.

He had already tried scolding Beatrice himself, so this time he went to Aria for help. However, being Aria, she first had to laugh in his face.

Aria: Your hair is blue!

Eventually though she realized that this might not be so funny after all.

Aria: Wait, hold up, this is my husband. People see me with him in public.

Adam asked Aria to please talk to Beatrice and see if she could get their daughter to stop with the pranks.

Aria had a better plan though. She knew just how to make Beatrice see the error of her ways.

Unfortunately, while Aria and Adam were discussing what to do with Beatrice she had already found her next victim.

Poor little Bryce. He was just trying to clean the dishes in the bathroom, which is obviously where normal people wash dishes even though they have a sink in the kitchen.

But his helpful nature earned him a face full of water.

Once the assault was over, he went right back to washing the dishes, albeit a little more gloomily. What a good kid.

After this newest prank Aria knew she had to put her plan in to action.

So the next morning when Beatrice took a shower she got a taste of her own medicine.

Much like her father Beatrice couldn't get all of the yellow out of her hair. You would think such dark hair wouldn't suck dye up like that, but alas she's stuck with the yellow for now. At least it's her favorite color.

Apparently Aria's plan was a success. Beatrice traded pranks for books and Adam couldn't have been happier.

After all the trouble Beatrice caused on her return Adam and Aria decided it would be better for her to go back to public high school so she could stay at home. They spent the money they would have used on tuition getting Beatrice her very own chemistry set, which she adored. Aria on the other hand looked bored out of her mind. Beatrice must have told her you can't use it to make food.

The life of a scientist isn't always safe though, as this family knows too well. Luckily for Beatrice she got off with a mild singeing.

Beatrice adjusts surprisingly well to public school. All that charisma she gained at Smuggington Prep must have made it easier this time around. She even went to her junior prom.

Of course, she went without a date since she was still the new kid. That didn't stop her from having a good time though.

Prom was an important night for more than just Beatrice though. Aria had just found out she was pregnant. How did this even happen?

Oh. I guess that's how it happened.

Aria didn't tell the family the just yet though. The next day was the twins' birthday and she didn't want to steal their thunder.

This time the twins birthday wasn't forgotten. There was a cake and balloons, and the whole family was ready to celebrate. And nothing says celebrate at the winters household like making crazy faces.

Blake was first to grow up.

Bryce took a little more time thinking about his birthday wish. Personally, I hope he wishes for a bath.

Apparently he took way too long, because by the time he finally blew out his candles almost everyone had left. What a loving family.

Even without their support Blake grew up, adding another teenager to the house.

With three teens and a baby on the way Aria might just have her hands full again.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Generation One - Chapter Eight: Homecoming

No Aria! Don't eat your baby! There's plenty of cereal and ice cream in the kitchen!

Oh, I guess she was just teaching Blake how to walk. But can you blame me for assuming?

With that crisis averted the twins were ready to grow in to children! Unfortunately for them Aria and Adam seemed to have forgotten, as there were no balloons or cake in sight.

Well, even with negligent parents time marches on. Bryce was first to ride the sparkle rocket in to childhood.

His difficult upbringing made him neurotic, but he still turned out rather cute. Aside from the usual wonky eyes that is. I've heard if those last more than four hours he should consult his doctor.

Bryce wasn't the only one to grow up though, and not just because he's a twin. His childhood doll, Bray, also grew up!

Bryce was quite pleased with this development. Aria was meanwhile being possessed by the devil again. Must be a side effect of allowing sentient dolls to live in your home.

Poor Blake. He got his turn to grow up but his brother was too busy chatting with an imaginary friend, and his mother would rather answer the phone than pay attention to the birthday boy.

And then Aria turns the neglect up a notch when she actually walks out in the middle of Blake's birthday. I guess we know who the least favorite is. At least he was a cute toddler, surely he would grow in to a fine young...

Dear god! What is that!?

That's better.

Blake wasn't concerned about his looks though. He wanted to know why Bryce's doll grew up but his didn't.

And it's a good thing he wasn't concerned about his looks, because that is the ugliest I'm-angry-and-about-to-cry face I've ever seen. If he were just a bit patient, or maybe just turned around, he would see he had nothing to be upset about.

Surprisingly his new coward trait didn't seem to prevent him from approaching magical creatures, and he hit it off right away with his imaginary friend Belinda.

You may be asking, where were the boys parents during such an important life event?

Well their father decided to park his butt in front of the TV. I might be more understanding if he was, say, fixing that sink spewing water all over the kitchen.

And their mother was sound asleep in the next room.

They weren't the worst parents ever though. They did think to buy the boys new beds. Well, Bryce got a new bed, Blake got a new blanket for Beatrice's old bed.

Now that the twins were in school the daycare was almost too easy. It had become a one person job, and Adam was more than happy to take on the task.

This gave Aria an idea. She took a taxi in to town..

And nervously entered the theater to see if she could get her old job back. Sure, she'd probably never be a rock star, but that was no reason she couldn't have a rewarding career doing what she loved.

With a calming deep breath she walked in to face the music.

They were happy to see her but couldn't take her back as a stage hand, there was an opening as a roadie though.

Aria celebrated her new job (or slight demotion if you're pessimistic) with a little guitar outside the theater. She was surprised when a small crowd gathered, and even more surprised when they started throwing tips in her case. She may not be a rock star, but this wasn't half bad.

Meanwhile, across town, Beatrice was home from boarding school and wearing quite the getup. That girl was lucky her mom wasn't home.

Or maybe not so lucky because her father was home, and he was not happy.

Beatrice: Geez dad, we had a pool party before break it's not like I dress this way all the time.

She changed to appease her dad, but he seemed to have moved on already. I'm beginning to think you could murder someone in front of this family and be fine as long as you threw some cake their way.

Beatrice wasn't going to just let that slide though. How unfair was it that the first thing her dad did when she walked in the door was yell at her? Even if she was wearing nothing but her bra, short shorts, and hooker boots...

She set to work rigging the dials so that her father would get blasted with scorching water when he took his next shower. What a hilarious prank that couldn't possibly end up hurting someone!

Unfortunately for Bea (and fortunately for Adam) she wasn't gifted with her mother's theify stealthiness, and was caught in the act.

Adam was furious that she would do something so stupid, wasn't she supposed to get smarter at that pricey private school?

Not everything between Adam and Beatrice was drama though, they were completely capable of enjoying a good horror movie together.

And things were still going well with the twins. Better enjoy the boys while they're children Adam, because teens are sure a handful.